Our Company

Established since early July 2002, we pride ourselves with having the needed experience to run a successful company. Our strength lies in our ability to provide excellent service and value to our clients.

Our Mission

We are a company with a strong focus on quality and support.
Our goal is to provide our clients with the support they need.
Whether they are experienced or just starting out, we want to be there with them. We also ensure that any services provided by us are of quality that you would expect from a professional hosting company.

Our Servers

We use one of the most powerful server configurations available for use today. This ensures that your web pages
are always served super quick with no bottlenecks. The server also has data redundancy with the RAID configuration and error correcting memory modules that most other servers do not have.

8-core XEON E5-2670
4 GB ECC Registered RAM
RAID 1 configuration 

Our servers are also continuously monitored every 5 minutes to ensure all essential services are online and
should a service fail, an engineer will be dispatched to the server immediately to resolve the problem.

Our Data Center

Our secure data center features power backups, climate
control and full fire protection to protect our servers.
Your data will be transferred over multiple redundant data 
lines from 20 diverse backbones. This ensures line transmission
redundancy and speed.

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